Traditionally pre-site study visits (PSSVs) are conducted in-person by a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) traveling to the research site. The CRA conducts a tour of the site, interviews the study coordinator and physician, and completes a check-list (equipment the site has, temperature logs, SOPs, etc). These take 2-4 hours per site, not including the travel and prep time required by the CRA.


With traditional model it takes on average 6-8 months for study start up for a single study. 3 of those months for pre-study visits.



PSSV x 75




With a shortage of well-trained CRAs, and multiple projects with moving target date, sites can’t always get their key questions answered to help determine whether they can successfully enroll the trial.

At Virtual Pre-Site,
we have the solution

Reduce time and cost of startup by conducting PSSVs virtually
(no need for CRAs to travel to site)

Our in-house CRAs are dedicated to PSSVs. Trained on each protocol,
the CRA manager is consistently able to provide answers to
protocol questions.

Virtual Pre-Site will send smart glasses that have a camera
embedded to the research sites in advance of pre-site study
visit (PSSV)

Study Coordinator will wear the glasses and walk around the site showing the CRA who is off-site all items on the pre-site checklist (example- pharmaceutical refrigerator, temperature logs, centrifuge, exam room). Whatever image the study coordinator is looking at will stream to the CRAs computer screen so they can verify the site has needed equipment and space to conduct the study. The CRA will then interview the CRC and Principal Investigator to ensure they have patients, time and experience to conduct the study.


Virtual Pre-site could do
75 PSSVs in 2 weeks


Cut costs
in half

Let our technology do the traveling